Emergency Color Kit for touchups for home

For our truly chemically-dependent clients…   Entourage presents: Qkit! For EMERGENCY home touch-ups ONLY!


This Home color kit is a temporary fix until a professional stylist at Entourage Hair Studio can see you in the salon. It is meant to cover visible grey at the top of your head and around the front of your hair line.  Please know, colors will not be the ideal perfect match you’d expect in the salon.  When we see you again, in person, we will adjust the formulation as needed.   After you click, you will be brought to a release form. After you sign the release, you will be brought to cart for payment. As orders come in, we will call you to set up a preliminary consultation. We will then proceed with additional instructions. Thank you.

We call this, the “Quarantine Kit”  (Qkit).  This color kit is a customized grey coverage tool for you to use at home.


Some products are in extreme demand.   If Products are backordered, please allow a bit more time for delivery.  Items will be delivered in the order they were placed.  Thank you.



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