Glam Opening 2014


Social Soiree to Feature Glamour, Fashion, Dancing, Nosh & Bubbly
Tuesday, March 4, 2014 (Valencia, CA) To celebrate the reveal of their new location, Entourage Hair Studio is hosting a "not to be missed" social soiree which will feature a montage of intriguing ambiance, entertainment and runway models. This special event takes place on Saturday, March 22 from 6-9pm at 24305 Town Center Drive Suite 150 - located just across the drive from The Ivy Day Spa and Rocket Fizz.
Entourage’s “Glam Opening” will not only mark the dedication of the new space, but will also give the a community a sample of what is to be a continuing celebration of the diverse talents in our valley. Our runway models will be wearing couture by fashion designers, “Bryan & Johnny”, while sporting steampunk inspired hair and makeup, headed by Entourage’s “Runway Team-Choreographer” Terina Thomas. Live music will be played by Grammy© award winning bassist, D'Aundre "D-Bass” Thomas. Please help us toast the occasion with a Premium Handcrafted glass of vino from local wine artisans Chris & Patty Connolly of “Les Deux Chats Cellars.”
Although the new “Entourage Hair Studio” was constructed in a modern building, it was important that the “history” of the space be a piece of art and tell a story of its own. According to Owner & Stylist Michael Beck, his inspiration for the salon came from his frequent visits to a once forgotten gem in the heart of the meat-packing district of Manhattan. Slated for complete demolition, the building was instead spared, recognized for its beauty, cultural and historical significance, and was eventually and reborn into a state of the art multi-cultural market known now as “Chelsea Market.” Michael fell in love with how the historic building’s iron, original architecture, stone, and detail were reinvented as the backdrop for what is now one of the most trafficked and written-about destinations in New York City.
Entourage has been re-designed is to not only emulate the aesthetics and spirit of Chelsea Market, but to also act as a hub for the people of Santa Clarita as Chelsea Market does for Manhattan’s lower west side. “After 20 years of doing hair, I understand, more than ever, the profound importance and function of our salon. This is our meeting place,” Beck explains. “Our salon is a cornerstone for both community and culture. It is a place to connect. A place where ideas and thoughts are exchanged and a multitude of perspectives are shared and celebrated. Ultimately, it is a place to showcase a fuller spectrum of what we consider to be beauty and art.”
“The Entourage” is named after those who frequent the salon, whether it be the stylists, the clients or the family and friends of both who of often drop in to socialize. “Hair salons have historically been gathering places. The only thing better than great hair is great gab to go with it. We decided to take that gathering place and utilize it to the benefit of the community.” Thus, Entourage’s Sunday Artist Expo was born. In addition to being a hair studio, Entourage will also serve as an outlet where local artists and artisans will have the chance to exhibit their varied mediums. Every 4th Sunday, the salon will become a gallery for local artists. Admission will always be FREE to the community and FREE to the artists who are showcased. Beauty and art can take the form of hair, music, architecture, paint, sculpture, literature, photography, song, dance, cuisine or conversation. The possibilities are truly endless. For more information please email PR@ENTOURAGEHAIRSTUDIO.COM .
The Artists and Experts Behind the new ENTOURAGE
To accomplish Michael’s “lofty” goals, Michael enlisted a talented team of experts and artists. Set designer and prop master, Amanda Patt literally set the stage. Amanda’s interpretation of Michael’s vision, and her eye for continuity, texture, color, history and detail, turned a once bare, sheetrock-box into a repurposed NYC/SoHo vintage clock factory and loft. She then seamlessly layered in, a state of the art, modern hair studio. The architect who masterfully planned out the space was Jim Combs of “Combs & Miguel”. Jim expertly maximized the space without compromising the vision. He also aided in coordinating the experts. David Cruz of “David Cruz Painting” is credited for brilliantly recreating every detail of Amanda Patt’s intricate drawings and giving Entourage that sense of a repurposed building that has aged gracefully but with much character. He recaptured Ms. Patt’s plastered wall renderings, and painstakingly restored every detail of Entourages lofty, exposed ceilings. The lighting was designed and manufactured by Steven Nia, owner of “Nia Energy.” Steven was able to do the impossible, by recapturing a vintage NYC look, while using state-of-the-art and 100% eco- friendly LED technology. Finally, the man who built and oversaw every detail of the space, from start to finish was General Contractor Frank Gonzales of “GFI Electrical Contractors.” Frank was hands-on, diligent and thorough with every single aspect of the project.
Says Michael, “To my team of artists who made my farfetched-impossible dream come true, I thank you for your talents, vision and hard work. I couldn’t have done it without you.”
For more information about Entourage Hair Studio please visit: Media inquiries & event credentials, please contact: Janie Van Halen, High Profile Media 818.461.2971
About Entourage Hair Studio: Owner Michael Beck and his company of experts have been providing hair design & beauty to the Santa Clarita area for over 20 years. Entourage’s amenities such as expert & creative hair design, cut & color, make-up and waxing services are complemented by state of the art technology. 70" live interactive window monitors offer a peek into the unique salon experience, while simultaneously syncing with the salon's various social media networks.
Entourage is proud to boast they are 100% green-LED in their technology to show respect to the Santa Clarita environment and client well-being. Watch for more unique upcoming events hosted by Entourage Hair Studio as they usher in a new era of artistry...they're not simply a salon anymore!
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