We are Entourage Hair Studio

We are Entourage Hair Studio.

An in-depth consultation is the first step in enhancing, maintaining or completely reinventing your look.  We Make it Personal.

Evoke a New Hair Texture.
Create new movement, silkiness, curl, wave or bounce, with either a digit wave or a smoothing treatment.

You Can Have it Now.
Need a little bit more length?  More thickness?  A lot more length?  Both?  You don’t have to wait for your hair to grow out.  We are trained in individual Keratin-dipped premium hair extensions, that can match you hair.  In a couple of hours you can have the length or density you’ve always dreamed of.  Hair extensions have never been more popular and economical.  Set up a free consultation to find out if you are a candidate.

Get Lit.
We start with you.  Everyone has inherent tonal factors that reside in their eyes, hair and skin.  We believe in using colors that enhance, and compliment you.   Your color should be symbiotic with your haircut, creating movement, light, depth and harmony.  It will make you sparkle.

Go Deep, Dramatic, Exotic, and Riche.
Keep it real, with depth, and spot-on tonal values, that compliment you.

Bare Bones & Architecture.
The shape, structure and movement of a haircut should always support and enhance your coloring, and overall style.

Bringing it All Together.
At Entourage Hair Studio, we understand the fundamental laws of hair and color… but we also know how to bend those rules. We understand that your hair is an investment, and that value is essential. We are trained to “think outside the box”, and will customize your color and cut, enhancing your natural beauty, for much less money then you may think.

Everybody is Invited.
We are all people, and we are all equal.   BUT… our hair doesn’t know that!  We have professionals, who are equipped to do every single ethnicity of hair, and everyone in between.

Back it Up.
Reinforce, recreate, and preserve, your new style with professionally recommended products. No guess work needed. We are trained in all of our products, and can tell you exactly what your hair needs at home.

Go Both Ways.
We believe that uniqueness and versatility can co-exist, and we all love options. We can show you how to transform your new smooth day-look into a curly street-chic option. or vise-versa. All with a bit of product, and know-how, we will show you how to do it.

Advanced Education, Experience & Raw Talent.
Entourage Hair studio is also a Goldwell Education Studio. We thrive on reinvention and growth, while keeping our feet firm in the fundamental laws of hair color. Ongoing Goldwell in-service, hand’s on training, and advanced education abroad gives us our edge. Magnificent results without compromising the integrity of your hair or style is why people love us.

Entourage Hair Studio is conveniently located a Westfield Valencia Town center 24305 Town Center Drive, (off of McBean on the main strip) between Ro Ma Jewelry & Optx, across from the Ivy Day Spa.